Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Well that was an odd day back to work for the NFL

Players were instructed by the NFLPA  to report in a show of support.  A handful showed up on the doorsteps of their franchise.  Some teams let them in, some teams confusingly didn't.  Most teams locked the weight rooms and made the coaches off-limits.  Some teams didn't.

The NFLPA told players to head out on free-agent visits in an effort to get signed, reminding players that if the NFL didn't allow them to go on visits or offer them contracts, that meant the NFL was colluding and was likely in violation of the judge's orders or the Sherman Anti-Trust act.

Drew Rosenhaus was vocal about wanting to get his players signed "as quickly as possible." 

The NFL sat back and said they needed time to examine the ruling, and for the court to hear the appeal.  They basically want to wait until Wednesday; the NFLPA says "it was effective 6pm on Monday"...

So when it gets to this point, and its all about legal rulings and courtrooms and posturing, its gone too far.

The worst part about all of this is that we, the fans, are shouldering some of the burden of this disagreement because there are tax dollars in play in the federal courthouse.

So the NFLPA and the NFL have found yet another way to stick it to us!  Screw them!
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