Wednesday, April 27, 2011

That's just sad

I was really sad to hear about Jim Mandich's passing this week. He always seemed like a good guy, a straight shooter, and to use an old quote "never stole a freight train."

He was a Dolphins legend.

I once asked to interview him for my podcast, and he was gracious about it and said "I think I will take el paso" as he declined.

Anyway, more than that, his untimely death at 62 reminds us that life - particularly for someone who played pro football - is extremely fragile. He had an unusual form of cancer, and we will never know if some how, some way, it was linked back to his playing football. Maybe it wasn't, and it was just "dumb luck" ... but in the sport we love, our "heros" need better care overall.

I hope that as they negotiate the CBA, they remember that.

Rest in peace Jim Mandich. As a member of the undefeated Miami Dolphins football team, the football gods will most certainly welcome you with feasting and revelry.

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