Friday, April 29, 2011


So Miami gave up 3 picks to trade up. Now who's to say that the late-round picks they gave up will amount to anything? But still, I have to agree with a couple of commentators who say this seems a little desperate.

Especially since QB Ryan Mallet was still on the board, and the draftniks seemed to think that's why Miami was trading up.

But of course, they couldn't trade up to get a QB. That's just not Miami's style.
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Had they picked him, everyone would be bitching about another 2nd round picked wasted on a QB. Lose-lose scenario.


All they gave up was a 5th &7th to move up 17 spots! Big deal you have 2 more 7's anyways, so the only value was a 5! It was a great move...


Good move! The Bengals were going to take him 4 spots later. PLUS, Ireland screwed the Redskins according to the draft value chart. 284 points and he gave them like 217 (estimation).

So far the draft has gone how I want it to. I believe the O-Line was the biggest problem on offense. I want a good TE and someone fast, either a WR or Damien Berry.


Bitchin', I really used to like your commentary and your podcast. I was a big fan. However, lately it's basically all crumbled due to what seems to be a depressive tailspin and your borderline obsession with getting a QB. Literally almost ALL your commentary the last few months (and your more recent podcasts) are viewed through this prism.

You want the Dolphins to take a risk, make a move... oh except, that's only for a QB. If they do it for another position, well, they shouldn't have taken a risk.

Bitchin', the Redskins got borderline fleeced. The Dolphins only gave up a 5th and a 7th in order to move up 17 positions.

I'll write a little more about the QB thing on a different post.


OK, continuing.

Bitchin', here is an extemely important point.

The Dolphins cannot force the issue of the QB. If they honestly believe, after having done probably 20 times the evaluating and knowledge acquisition that you and I have, that none of the QBs available at 15 were worthwhile, then why should they take one?

Let's say, perhaps that the Bifecta really believed that only Cam Newton and Jake Locker were franchise QBs. Well, it would have cost a TON to move up to #7 to take Locker.

Perhaps, beyond that, the Dolphins don't believe that any of the other quarterbacks are better than Henne.

But you basically want them to take anyone that's a QB, just because, well, it's a QB, and we need one!

So the Dolphins didn't want to use their first round pick on someone they thought would be equal to or inferior to Henne. Is that so bad?

So they didn't want to use the late second-rounder on Ryan Mallett? Maybe they don't like him. They certainly spent enough time with him and studied him enough.

Listen, man. I'm not saying that Ireland and Sparano are for sure correct. What I'm saying is that they likely have convictions about each of the particular quarterbacks that were available, and they likely didn't believe in them (at least at the price they were available for.) I also believe that they know they need a QB - its just that they didn't necessarily believe that THESE QBs would be upgrades. They can't force the issue .. they only have the picks they have, and they only have the quarterbacks who happened to come out this year.

Yes, they made the mistake once of reaching for a QB (White) by going away from what they believed in. But you'd have them make the same mistake a second time - just because you want to see some QB picked in this draft.

Cmon now, Bitchin'.


I also think they are navigating towards a WCO style and to have a QB who is slower than your O-Linemen is not a good fit in a WCO...