Thursday, April 14, 2011

Show your support to other fans!

We're two weeks away from the draft.  I know many of you enjoy watching it, and trying to figure out who picks who, and so on.

But, I still have my doubts about the viability of the draft, and with teams only able to trade this year's picks, and with limited number of prospects on hand, it is likely to be anticlimactic to a point.

So, I am asking you, the fans, to stand with me in NOT WATCHING the draft on TV.  Lets show the NFL that their ratings can and will decline if we choose not to watch their product.

Having the NFL suffer low ratings is the only way we as fans can show our disgust for the current labor situation.  So, by not watching, you're helping make a point.

Here's the out for you: feel free to peek at the results online. Just don't watch it live.

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