Friday, April 29, 2011

Show me some emotion...

As I stood there and thought about yesterday's pick, I realized that the fins management just doesn't seem to care. Its almost as if they're saying "hey we'll do things our way and screw you if you're not on board."

And as I started thinking about the embarrassment that was the end of the season - from Parcells leaving to the coaching search - it falls back on the owner to actually show us some passion.

And yet Cap'n Izzy Firepants (a/k/a Stevie) hasn't shown any. Where was his public calling out of Parcells? If he had just come out and said "I know we had an agreement that allowed you to walk away at anytime, but what you did was insulting and unprofessional. You should feel ashamed, and I would encourage other owners to not hire you in the future, because you are in it for you and not the betterment of their organization...." or would have felt more like he cared.

And then we had the nonsense with Sparano and said "we're going to build a higher power offense" only to have Sparano say "that's not my style" and then to see Ireland draft in the way he has - he should turn around and say "I told you we're building a high powered offense. And if you guys can't or won't, then pack your things. I own this team!"

It seems to me that he gives lip service, and otherwise doesn't care.
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SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!


WOW! We are having the best draft in years. Our three biggest needs are being adressed. Pouncey will make this line among the best in the league. With a line and now a RB who can run(even pass). Henne will have time to throw. Were going to bring in a FA QB to push Henne. WE need a kick/punt returner. TE and another LB. If we fill those holes...Allllright Miami! RIP Maddog. We will either make the playoffs or go 4-12 based on this draft. At least Andrew Luck would be our pic next year if we fire these idiots! Ryan Mallet to pats. They will own us for another decade and we could have had him. Our coaching staff has a new wildcat rb who will be CUT by our NEW coach next year! GO Heat win us another Championship! At least our basketball team is Great.