Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Schedule released

About 5pm, I heard local radio peeps touting the schedule release "soon"....and as I sat there and pondered it for a moment, I thought "what difference does it make?" I mean, there's no agreement between players and owners, so this is all window dressing in an abandoned warehouse.

And without even looking at the schedule, here's what I surmised: no agreement will be reached until sometime around the second week of the season. I suspect they try and get as many games in as they can, so its likely that they'll manage to play 14 games. I figure they can get ready to play in a couple of weeks, lose the bye week and get it going. They already have a plan to move the SuperBowl out a week, and they can lose the bye there as well.

But considering this will be basically the same old sad team we saw last year, I expect about 4-10.

And then the radio announcer voice came on "get your tickets now! As low as $34 per ticket!"

I laughed aloud. I was able to find tickets at StubHub last year for $10. I can't see a reason to think this year would be different. And the other benefit is that I get to hold onto my money, rather than giving it to Stevie to hold. They don't play, I don't pay. And I can decide at the last minute if I want to go to a game - or skip them altogether.
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