Friday, April 29, 2011

Now *that* I'm tired of...

The Dolphins - naturally - will tell you it was a great pick, and they got exactly who they wanted.

The local reporters started off with mixed reviews on the Pouncey pick, then all of them suddenly became fans of the pick.  He's big, he's strong, he's athletic.  One even said he was developing a man crush, after initially saying it wasn't a good pick.  He went from being a "safe" pick to being a "solid" pick.

Fans similarly took the stance that he'll help Miami because you build your line through the draft or whatever.  There were some initial negative comments, but they turned more positive as the pick sunk in.

Why?  Because everyone wants it to work out.  We want to believe that the management is smart and makes good decisions.  That picking up a "stud offensive lineman" will put us back on the championship.  We're not 5 years away anymore!  No sir, now its 4!  Yipee!

Maybe the guy starts.  Maybe he's good.  Heck maybe he even makes the probowl in his first couple of years.  But how many o-lineman do we draft in the first couple of rounds, and how many do we sign in free agency?  And where does that leave us let's say at QB?

I'm tired of being sold a bill of goods that this guy (and it doesn't matter who he is really if he's not a difference maker, an immediate impact player) is going to win us championships.
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