Friday, April 29, 2011

My frustration

I've had Dave's Bitchin' Look on the internet for over 16 years now (hard to believe!).  I've been around for all of the head coaches (except for George Wilson, but then the internet was still in Al Gore's head at that point, lol).  I've seen *a few* good days, a fair number of bad days and some mediocrity.

And the lack of success is what gets to me.  In only 7 of those 16 seasons did the Dolphins manage to make it to the playoffs.  And in only 3 of those trips did they win a game -- a single game.  Each of those wins was a close, hard fought affair.  And the following week they went on to lose, much as they did in the other 4 trips to the playoffs.

And those playoff losses?  Wow, every one of them was lopsided.  The Fins put up some stinker games, and were beaten around by everyone they faced. 

Its amazing to me that they can't - and haven't - gotten very far in all this time. 
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I totally GET your frustration, Dave. I share it. Lots of Phins fans do. It's pretty reasonable to have it by now.

What's worrying me is that it is beginning to cloud your judgment a bit. Your commentary the last few months has been notably inferior to the very high quality I had come to expect from you. I actually worry a little that you are in a bit of a depression!

See my other two comments about the QB situation. Look, it has just been conclusively established this past season that Henne is not the answer (actually, a few holdouts still might debate that). This draft is the very first event of any kind for player acquisition since that fact was established. A little patience is in order - even if we are frustrated with losing, it is a real mistake to expect the Dolphins management to just force the issue of a quarterback and grab anyone, no matter what the risk, just so they get someone *immediately this second*.