Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Jim Mandich story

Jim is *the* guy I think of when I think Dolphins.  IMHO, his persona is larger than life, and what he did on the field pales in comparison to what he did after his playing days were over.  His expressions were priceless, and his passion for the Dolphins as an amulni and broadcaster were remarkable.

Anyway, I listened to his show fairly regularly, and enjoyed it.  At one point, he was talking about the time he spent with the Steelers after the Dolphins let him go.  They brought him in as a special teams guy, and he was standing on the field in SuperBowl waiting for a kickoff and looked around and said "what am I doing here?"

He was wearing black and gold, and not the aqua and orange that he loved so much.  The Steelers won that game, he got a third ring.  One that he *never* wore.  He always wore the 1972 perfect season ring, because that meant so much more to him - as did the Dolphins.

And so I am making a public statement here that the Dolphins should put his name up in the ring of honor.  And, they should go ahead and retire his number.  Yeah, his stats were never "all that" and he wasn't the big cog in the championship machine.  But, to me, he is the Dolphins.  And he should be appropriately honored for his contributions.
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