Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jim Mandich remembered...

Why did I suddenly think of Mandich?  Here was the team in '07 under Cameron.  The Dolphins NEED a QB.  Brady Quinn is on the board.  Mandich pulls out a Notre Dame hat and says he's rooting for Quinn, and if the Dolphins don't take him he'll go upstairs and 'strangle Cam and Mueller'...

And the pick comes in.  And its Ted Ginn, jr.

Mandich was apoplectic.


If we reach back to 1983 when Marino was drafted and look at the 1st round pick for the Fins, we can see that there hasn't been a whole lot of success.  In order, they got (as a 1st round pick):
Jackie Shipp
Lorenzo Hampton
John Bosa
Eric Kumerow
Sammie Smith
Louis Oliver
Richmond Webb
Randall Hill
Troy Vincent
Marco Coleman
OJ McDuffie
Tim Bowens
Billy Milner
Daryl Gardener
Yatil Green
John Avery
Jamar Fletcher
Vernon Carey
Ronnie Brown
Jason Allen
Ted Ginn (jr)
Jake Long
Vontae Davis
Jared Odrick
and now Pouncey

That's 26 in 31 years (5 times they didn't have a 1st round pick).  Marino is in the hall of fame.  Long looks like he'll get there.  8 have been solid players.  A couple were decent, but not first-round material.  And the last 3 we won't know for a while.  The rest can best be described as busts.

So, its maybe a 40% shot that the player will be any good....that's probably on par with the NFL, but it just proves the draft is a crap IMHO that means you have to take a chance on getting a franchise QB rather than wasting a pick as they did tonight.

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