Saturday, April 30, 2011

I do listen to feedback

I read the comments, and I wanted to throw something back to y'all...

I am not really about get a QB - any QB - now. I am about the fact that this is *the* single most important position on the field, and its been ignored for too long.

I frankly don't like this owner. I don't like the bifecta. And I really, really, really don't like what "the NFL" has done to my favorite sport.

And so I am calling it like I see it. I am not depressive about it, not at all - though I can see why you might think that.

I can not, and will not blindly say that they've made good decisions. Generally an offensive lineman would be a good pickup, but that's not the sexy pick that tells me that they are getting any closer. And a running back is a fine pickup, and this guy may be good. At least they got a playmaker for the offense.

But, I have to wonder: this team, with these coaches and philisophy, is likely to fall short in some way again next year. Okay maybe they get to 10 wins, but that's probably still behind the Pats and Jets. Is that good enough to save Sparano and Ireland's job if attendance falls off and they miss the playoffs? And then, its time for another coaching change and another rebuilding process....

And that is IF we even have an NFL next year.

Maybe I've been too close to it for too long. Its frustrating to me because its one of the things I enjoy, and having a team/league that I'm not happy with is tough.

But the good news for me is that after the draft, we *all* get another break - like it or not.
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The biggest problem I have Dave (if that's really your name).

They are not done. They have only made 2 picks so far.

They have spent the first few years of drafting addressing the Defense.... (Now they have one of the best YOUNG Defenses in the NFL) Can you disagree?

Now they are turning their Attention towards the Offense.....

To use a cliché "Rome was not built in a Day" You don't know how the first two picks will turn out. And you have no clue what they plan to do the rest of the draft and FA when it happens....

So to be "Bitchin" this early in the process is just at the very least annoying!

I will wait and see and so far the picks they have taken are not like a real head scratchier.


I disagree with markeyh. We've made the wrong pick way to many times in a short time period. Look at the Falcons; they have an energized fan base that will follow them to hell right now. They have an identity. Who are we? We have no idea what we want on offense. Our D is young"ish" and I like what I see for now. For crying out loud......"WE NEED A QB AND A PLAYMAKER!" Enough with all the "filler" picks. We need something on O that will keep a D true.........

"All we want to do is win"


Thanks Ansley, as I agree with you.

Markeyh - Rome was not built in a day. But we've been at this for at least a decade with new coaches, new owners, and somehow we remain the same. John Elway retired, and the Broncos have made a succession of QBs their draft pick of choice. Maybe they're still looking too, but they've made an effort. We haven't.

I'll grant you that its early to be calling out these players, but at some point we have to say "enough!" and I say that point is now, while there is a lot of uncertainty around the NFL.

And Dave is most definitely my real name. Says so on my driver's license.


It wouldn't matter if we had the the first three picks of the draft. The team picking fourth would laugh and take the best player in the draft. We stink from top to bottom,(where well finish in afc east.) GO Heat! They have the right man running the show!


Didn't win a superbowl with Marino either. If you hate everything about the team except for the location or jersey then maybe you need to rethink YOUR position as a fan.


True - they didn't win a superbowl with Marino either. And they only made it to one in his 17 years.

But one thing I can say is that they were always competitive, and you didn't see them call out the coach in a team meeting, or hear Shula say stupid things to stroke his own ego, or them fail forward fast, or them go 1-7 AT HOME.