Thursday, April 28, 2011

The futility continues...

The furious enigma (Ireland) drafts Mike Pouncey.

And IMHO this was a wasted pick.  KC Joyner told us that he had 38 negative plays last year.  And clearly he is nowhere near what his brother is.  He is not #15 material.

Sure, Miami needs some help on the o-line, but they also need a freakin' QB!!!

A handful went early, but once again Miami decides "ehhh, we don't need one."  That's been the same line we've had since 1999 when Marino retired.  And its STILL WRONG.

Henne sucks, and yet he gets another go of it.

But what does it matter, since, after all, this team still thinks 3 yards and a cloud of dust is the way to go?  They need someone to block for whatever RB they have next season.

Gawd, why do I root for this team?  They can't do anything right.

Ahh well, at least they're making themselves targets for my jibes.  (but what easy targets the three stooges are!)
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Dude what a comment. Why do I root for this team? I am 44 years old. Have been a fan since the 70s and question that every day now. We follow a logo!!!!!! New owners new coaches new players. Now same old sh*t. Pouncey was kinda safe kinda reach!!! But I liked Locher best great Jr. year not so great sr. year kinda like number 13 for Miami. Just my honest opinion!