Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bill "I honor my contract when I'm in the mood" Parcells

After only 4 years, the dumbass finally talked with a local media person.

It appeared to be mostly drivel. But he did say that he got caught up in the hype around Pat White and now sees that a mistake.

He didn't comment on Chad Henne. But has in the past, of course

But he did say something along the lines that he probably should have taken Matt Ryan over Jake Long, and then went on to provide caveats to that.

So basically he's telling us he screwed up. I have no doubt about that. I know many of you will defend him and tell me he did okay on defense, but I would make the same argument about Dave Jimmy and yes Nick.

The point is he failed miserably at doing anything about the most important position on the field: the qb.
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Bill who?

He's a piece-of-crap-has-been. I'd be surprised if another NFL team gave him the reins.

The only thing he did was bring in some good (not great) pieces of the defense. In the end, not much, really.