Thursday, April 07, 2011

And the ruling is...

The judge told the NFL and the players that she would take a few weeks to review the facts and merits of the case before ruling.  There are a fair number of laws to consider in the labor arena, and a lot of "technical" details. 

However, the belief is that she will rule in favor of the players, thus creating an injunction to stop the lockout.

What does that mean?  Only that the players have the upper hand in negotiations.  And that they would technically be allowed to workout and "train" at the team facility.  They would not be able to meet with coaches, or have formal practices.  And free-agency still would be in limbo.

In other words, this is merely a paper victory at this point.  But it would be movement.

The judge did urge both sides to continue meeting and work out an agreement.
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