Tuesday, March 01, 2011

What the Chad Henne issue tells us

(a) that the coaches still want Henne around because otherwise they wouldn't be taking time to show him the playbook. My thought: that sucks. They should have shown him the door. But the lockout really complicates things with free agency.

(b) the coaching staff is showing at least a desire to win which I generally like. My thought: they're also showing incompetence because they had to know this was against the rules.

(c) the fins may be playing one of their top secret games. By showing support for henne they may be trying to throw off other teams as to their needs. My thought: I put nothing past the fins. For all I know they're targeting a top qb but don't want to tip their hand.

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What they were doing was not against the rules. That's why there is no fine or action against them.
Patience on Chad Henne - I think it was the coordinators that held him back.


(a) we don't know for sure that it was against the rules or not. The Dolphins say it wasn't, and the Herald claimed it wasn't. But the NFL has not said anything. It may turn out that that they did anything wrong, of course, but I'm skeptical because this management could bungle going to the bathroom. LOL

AND (b) I am not willing to give Schmoe Montana even one more play to prove his worth. I AM DONE WITH HIM and will criticize him until he wins the SuperBowl MVP. End of story.