Friday, March 04, 2011

That old "11th hour"

Kind of interesting how the mistrust, tension, and lack of effort is shown for about 2 1/2 years when it came to the labor agreement.

Then, about 8 hours before the current agreement was set to expire, they decided to extend the agreement for 24 hours. Then, with 8 hours left on that clock, they voted to extend for 7 additional days.

The prevailing rumor is that they've made some progress and there is at least a *ray of hope* that they may come to an accord in that time.

I still say don't count on it. But stranger things have happened, and you never know.

Anyway, during this coming week, there is what amounts to a work stoppage. There can be no coaching, no signings, nothing. Its as if the NFL doesn't exist for the next 7 days, or until they reach an agreement, or elect to extend again.

I, for one, will enjoy the break. You won't see any posts from me until something happens (a collective cheer erupts, I know).

I had planned a podcast for today to talk about "things" .... but that will have to wait for a while longer.
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I won't cheer if you go "off-line". I enjoy your blog posts - keep up the good work.

As far as the labor agreement goes - I'm guessing the mediator is actually working out in this case...we'll see.