Friday, March 11, 2011

Spygate in the news

Want to know why Roger Goodell destroyed the evidence related to Spygate (the Patriots taping the other teams play calls)?

The answer revealed itself this week when the lawyer representing the Jets season ticket holders -  who initially filed a class-action lawsuit that was thrown out - appealed to the Supreme Court.

In their filing, they were asking for damages in the range of $200 million just for Jets fans based on the games being rigged.  I can only imagine what the addition of other teams' fans to the filing would have brought that number to....

The Supreme Court refused the case on the basis of merit - something that they can always choose to do.

But can you imagine what would have happened if there was actual unimpeachable video that could have been admitted?  Holy cow, the NFL would have almost certainly lost some money; and they would have suffered the public indignity of someone possibly proving the games were rigged.

And while I don't condone what Goodell did, it would seem he did it to protect the sport.  Now, hopefully, someone brings charges against him for tampering with evidence.
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