Friday, March 25, 2011

A Parcells sighting

After nearly 3 years of being invisible in south Florida - except for appearing on some national talk shows and helping the Jets of course - we had a Parcells sighting. Well sort of.

We heard that Bill "I'm in it for myself, and I'm a wanker" Parcells will be hosting a 90 minute pre-draft show on ESPN. Now remember that while he's "done" with the Dolphins, they are still paying him $4mil this year.

So, in effect, the Fins are paying him to share his (bogus) knowledge with anyone who would care to be bored by his nonsensical phrases for an hour and a half. Good. Maybe someone else will listen to him and draft the next Pat White or Chad Henne - and the Dolphins might actually get a decent pick at QB this year.

Or not, of course.
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