Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Armando Salgeuro wrote an article in today's Herald where he quoted
Stephen Ross as saying he's committed to the team and its leadership.
He drew a broad conclusion that Sparano and Ireland have job security,
and can build the team for the future.

I find that laughable. Cap'n Izzy (Ross) has shown that he gets
infatuated easily with the big names. Its about glitz and glamor and
star power with him. The Bootin' Bull (Sparano) does not have that.
And if the team were to go 8-8 this season and ticket sales fell off,
I don't think the good Cap'n would hesitate to pull the trigger on a

I guess there really isn't much to write about, is there?

And one other amusing side note: The Furious Enigma (Ireland) said he
was committed to building this team. And that would be most unlike
his former boss/mentor - one Tuna who was committed to building the
Jets while on the Dolphins payroll. (no, I couldn't help myself; I
had to make that dig)

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