Friday, March 04, 2011

Jeremy Shockey

Shockey visited the Fins, but then signed with the Carolin Panthers.  I have two thoughts on this topic:

(1) Shockey played for the Saints this past season, and he signed a free-agent contract with a new team.  I'm not sure how that happened since there is - technically - no free agency period.  Every other player that was signed was either a re-sign with the same team or a guy who was not playing with a team last season.   Was he released off of IR, and therefore fell into a unique category?  Or is his signing subject to further scrutiny once the CBA is finalized?  Weird.

and (2) he decided to not sign with the Fins, in spite of interest by them.  I think the decision was two-fold: they low-balled him and offer, and he felt he had a better opportunity for success elsewhere - without Schmoe Montana and a new OC.
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It's been reported that the Dolphins did NOT offer him a contract.


Remember, Peyton and Sparano are friends and certainly have talked about Shockey there could be a reason for a non-offer/lowball offer.


My source tells me that they talked "terms of the contract" therefore it is accurate to say they "never offered him a contract." Apparently the offer was so low that they weren't going to come to terms...

And yes, the fact that Peyton and Sparano are friends may have figured into the deal.