Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Hey, JT no one wants you anyway...

JT was on Joe Rose's show and said that even though Parcells is "no longer involved" with the team, and he's moved on -  there is "no way in hell" he'd play for the Dolphins again.

Nice way to talk to the fan base, some of whom supported him throughout the process.

Dude, you don't belong in the ring of honor.  You shouldn't even get an aqua jacket.  Go be a Jet for life.
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Better yet go back to New York and jump of the statue of Liberty. What a fucker.


In J.T.s defense in the interview that I heard he said there is no way in hell they would bring me back. That is a big difference from "there is no way in hell I would play for them again", don't ya think?


You're right, technically he did say there was no way in hell they'd bring him back - but he also said he wasn't interested in coming back.

So the truth is somewhere in between, IMHO


He may not want to play here again. Would he if we offered and the Jets didn't? I think he would. My point is if the media and blogs post incorrect statements such as this one, then I think that is unfair to all parties. Whether or not he would play for us or not, I know I was upset when I read the quote. Taylor was incredible for us and false information like that tarnish everything. IMHO I believe you may have missed my point.


I did miss your point, and apologies for that.

And a general apology to everyone for taking the original quote out of context. I try to show a modicum of integrity.

However, I am no fan of JTs (though I was when he was playing here), and don't ever want to see him back in a Miami uniform, on the ring of honor, or even around town. He played for the Jets for god-sakes! He became something else other than a local hero when he did that. Saying "they wouldn't want me back, and I wouldn't play there anyway" certainly doesn't help matters.


I can respect that.
thank you