Saturday, March 05, 2011

Fun app for miniature golfers

I know yesterday I said I wouldn't post anything until there's an update in the labor situation.  Well, I lied, sort of.
I had an app approved by Apple yesterday that I wanted to tell y'all about.  This app is for the iPhone / iPod touch and has nothing to do with football.
I enjoy playing mini golf, and decided to make a fun little app so you can throw away those little pencils and scorecards.  And having something more.
The app allows you to keep score of your mini golf game, save the scores for review, see the places you've played on a map, take photos without leaving the app - and best of all it allows you to be social: you can post pictures and notes to facebook and twitpic while you're playing!
Available for $.99
But I also have a lite version available for free: 9 holes of scoring with no bells and whistles
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