Saturday, March 12, 2011

Football not found

"Error 404: Football Not Found. Please be patient as we work on resolving this. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

That's the message appearing on the now-defunct website. And I think it sums it all up.

The owners did indeed lock the players out. The players filed for an injunction against the lockout, stating that this was all well-planned; and they filed a class-action lawsuit against the NFL asserting the NFL has violated anti-trust rules.

Intriguingly, there is a player for Texas A&M who joined the lawsuit, thus representing future players. And that sets the stage for the draft to be up-ended in spite of the NFL's belief that they will hold the draft. there is not (now) , nor will there be (anytime soon), any dolphins news to report. I'll post updates if there are any relevant ones, but otherwise I (and my colleagues who write Dolphins sites) have a forced break.

Enjoy the times; its time to start a new hobby. :)

And as for the Fins, its looking more and more like - assuming there is a season in 2011 - they will field the exact same team. Man, I gotta tell, if they do, it sure will be fun to make fun of them and their ineptitude!
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