Thursday, March 31, 2011

And that pretty much will end his career

Chad Pennington tore his ACL today playing basketball.  It already looked like a comeback was a long shot, now its a near-impossibility.

And that means the Dolphins "plan" of keeping him around as a backup are pretty much done as well.

As for Pennington, you have to feel kind of bad for the guy.  That's a shame. 
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Yes, truly a shame. It happened to only the classiest guy to put on a Dolphins uniform.


A almost-lifelong Jet is the "classiest guy to put on a Dolphins uniform"? I thought Bob Griese was pretty classy. Same with Paul Warfield. And Larry Csonka. And Dan Marino. And Zach Thomas.


In today's NFL "A almost-lifelong Jet" means nothing. With so much movement of players between teams, the fact that he was once a Jet really means nothing.

Paul Warfield - hmm, don't recall him being as well versed as Chad P. The same thing for Zonk and Thomas. Mr. Griese has been known to not be classy and well, maybe you got me with Marino. One out of five ain't that bad.


Bitchin' Dave - I did not know a comment had been made to this post after mine. Maybe you should consider getting the email address from the Google account and sending a notification that someone posted to a message that anyone had previously posted too. This way you can get more traffic to your well done blog. Keep up the good work.