Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wouldn't that figure?

The report says that Jake Locker has been attending some baseball spring training. And he's supposedly considering playing some baseball this summer.

He had previously been a tenth round selection and always has the option of playing baseball if there's a lockout, or if - like in Pat Whites case- his heart isn't in it.

Good for him. But I can only hope he's not the guy the dolphins are targeting. I mean I could just see the Fins drafting him and he walks. Wouldn't that fit with their spate of bad luck?

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Not sure if the kid's been smart here or dumb. I mean, this would be a red flag to any team considering a draft pick for him, wouldn't it?


Red flag? Absolutely.

Coaches and GMs think they're so much smarter than everyone, and it wouldn't surprise me if some team had a conviction and ignored the possible warning signs.

This team is especially pathetic in that department.