Thursday, February 10, 2011

Will Allen

According to his agent (Rosenhouse) Will Allen re-structured his contract "paving his way for a return to the Dolphins."

Now the way he was handled last season left me dubious.  He was nearing a return, and they stuck him on IR, ending his season.  Then, they refused his request to be released.  So it was clear they didn't want him - and didn't want anyone else to have him, either.

And now they restructure?

This doesn't smell right to me.  I hear people talking about how he'll fit in - and it dawned on me: he doesn't.  Restructuring simply means his rights are retained, and he fits within the in my opinion, this is a prelude to trading him.  He likely still has value, he doesn't (for whatever reason) fit with Sparano, and this team DOES NOT KEEP veterans.  So, it would seem that they plan to part ways...well, that is, as soon as the CBA gets finished.
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