Saturday, February 12, 2011

Signing players

You may have read that this team or that team has yet to sign their own guy to a contract.  So, in the case of Miami, its Paul Soliai.  Oh they really love him, but they haven't yet made him an offer.  And lots of people are worried about it.

But not me. 

I believe the next 18 days, the time the league claims it will have "limited free agency" leading up to the probable lockout, are days with more questions than answers.  And I believe that most teams are taking a wait and see approach rather than offering a contract to a player.

So, lets suppose Miami makes an offer that seems fair to get Soliai, and he agrees to it.  Is it binding since we're not covered by the CBA?  What if they change some of the rules in negotiations and his contract is effectively nullified?  The NFL reviews all contracts, as does the NFLPA - what if they don't?  Or what if the NFLPA says its not a valid contract?  What if it turns out that Soliai should have automatically been some kind of a restricted free agent based on the years of service he put in, against where he was drafted? 

Typically a team will make an offer to its own players.  But this year, even re-signing your own players is questionable, and I think most teams are reluctant to do it - because they'd rather not get dragged down by the legal process. (to be fair "renegotiating" a contract is a different animal, since the player is already under contract)

Funny how the official time period to make someone a franchise player started yesterday.  And so far, no team has tagged a player.  Oh, they've talked about it, but no one has done it yet.

They're all running scared, and figure they can wait the 18 days to get to a lockout - and then they don't have to worry about it at all, until after a new agreement is reached.

And as I've said before:  all teams will field almost exactly the same rosters next year as they did this year - with maybe a small handful (6-7?) of changes.  There won't be time for free agency or to get new players in and acclimated, much less to have minicamps.  So re-signing a player now really isn't that important.  It may be at some point.  But, not today.
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