Sunday, February 13, 2011

We heard this week that Bill Parcells (who is STILL ON Miami's payroll) joined Sparano and Ireland in a couple of junkets this week, as they met a few potential players that maybe, possibly could get drafted.  Among them was the QB from TCU.

So what's his aim here?  To try and find a guy who will actually hurt the team?  To steer the team away from someone the Jets covet?

I can't imagine he's actually adding any value to these discussions.  Other than, of course, to bill Mr. Ross for some "business trips."

I wish he would just go away - and stay away already!

Hasn't he already done enough damage?

Oh wait, the franchise still has a modicum of dignity. He won't leave until that's gone.
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Seriously.......I'll take any help we can get. I think the Dolphins have rebuilt a great defense so far , he was on the money with Jason Taylor , and he had no part in the Saprano fiasco. That was all Ross/Irelend. I'll take what Parcells still has to say everyday of the week. Maybe it was Irelend that picked Henne and White? Maybe Parcells is back to show him a thing or two about drafting a QB? We will never know, but Irelend taking the blame recently was right about the same time Bill returned.


Ya, his idiotic QB formula led to them concluding Henne was the equal to Flacco and Ryan. Perhaps they are looking for Parcell's recommendation, so they can do the exact opposite!


Mr Ross is proving to be a complete and absolute idiot. After he pulled the fast one in SF and lied to Dolphins fans, then went and tried to smooth is over and gave Tony and Ireland extensions, he proves his incompetence and remains in bed with parcells. If the three stooges can't handle the draft and free agency, then they should be let go immediately. Eat their contract and send them on their way. Get a new head of football operations (shula) and a good coach (cowher) to be gm and head coach. If you can't do this, then sell the damn team now. Stop worrying about the roof and stop trying to woo and suck up to every celeb to be a minority owner. They dont care for Miami. Hell, Marc Anthony is a Jets fan you idiot. Please stop making Miami the joke of the NFL. The fans need to start a write in campaign to wake this organization up.