Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Chad Henne

Schmoe Montana has gotten a little support recently.

First jeff Ireland thought Henne would still work at QB. Then Mile Dee told us no one has given up on Henne.

Now Dan Marino has gone on record as saying that he thinks Henne is a good QB and will ultimately succeed in the NFL.

Now marino was a very good qb. But his talent evaluation is suspect IMHO. And I find that he really never says anything - certainly negative - about anything.

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"Marino was a very good qb", I don't mean to criticize but if this is a dolphins blog that is pretty weak. Dan Marino is one of the greatest quaterbacks to play in the NFL. There are alot of very good qb's that never became great.


Fair enough JP. I kind of undersold that a bit. My point was that *being* a great QB does not necessarily mean you can evaluate other QBs.

Thanks for pointing that out.