Sunday, January 09, 2011

You've thrown down the gauntlet

Okay Cap'n, you've said you need to get better, and you're doubly up against it because of the lockout that looms.  So, my expectations went up, and not down.

In order to win back my respect, you have to come out of the box hot.  At least win the first 4 in a row, and look good in doing so.  You have to win *at least* 11 games.  You have to win the division.  You can't lose any more than 1 in a row - all season.  You have to at least split with the Jets and Pats - convincingly, and you have to beat the Bills twice.  And you must have a first-round bye.  I'm not going to put it on you to host the AFC championship.  I'll cut you a small break, there. (giggle)

And at any turn, if it looks like you're not meeting any of those things, I will call y'all out as being the frauds you are!

So, cut the crap and get to it.
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