Friday, January 07, 2011

What the....???

Yesterday, I heard from someone "close to" Stanford football that Harbaugh accepted the offer in principal, and told people at Stanford that he was leaving to coach the Fins.

Then, we heard that Ross left to interview another candidate to comply with the Rooney Rule, and that Andrew Luck was staying in school.  And then, shortly after that, we heard that Denver wanted to interview Harbaugh - and that sources were saying Harbaugh was going to visit Denver on Friday.

Uh-oh.  Late last night, we heard that the deal was dead, and that Ross decided that Sparano was his guy after all, and he retained him.

I really have no idea what happened.  But it absolutely makes the Dolphins a laughing stock.  And two things: (1) who on this team will respect Sparano, now that this has happened, and (2) how can Sparano keep himself motivated to do a good job knowing that he was Miami's 3rd or 4th choice?

We absolutely stink.
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