Monday, January 03, 2011

Wanker of the year

Any guesses as to who wins this distinction? He's #7 on the field,
but plays like #2....he's Chad Henne!

My problem with Chad is that he doesn't behave like a leader. I was
watching "the Replacements" the other day. A somewhat silly movie to
be sure, but there's a scene where coach Gene Hackman sends in a play
for QB Keanu Reeves to win a game; Reeves' character checks off, and
they wind up losing. Hackman says something to him like "great
leaders want the ball in their hands and win the game!"

And while its trite, it sends the right message. You, Chad, have to
win games, and not lose them.

Okay so maybe he's coached to check down, and to not throw it long.
But he's supposed to be the leader on the field. You ignore that and
try to actually win the game. Always. Can you imagine Tom Brady,
Peyton Manning, or really any great QB listening to a coach telling
him to check down?

And then there's the lack of "hustle" many times did we see a
2-minute drill where he non-challantly walked up to the line and took
his time. Where was the urgency?

And overall where was the fire? You see Peyton on the sidelines
yelling at people. You see Brady with a fire in his eyes. You see
Brees out there inspiring everyone and leading the huddle and the
chant before the game. You don't see any of that with Henne.

So that, coupled with his play, and you can make the case for him
being wanker of the year.

Sure, the playcalling was bad. Who would have EVER thought that when
you have Ricky and Ronnie in the backfield that you'd have the QB
attempt more passes than Dan Marino in a single game - several times?

Ugh. So Chad, you are my wanker of the year. You can pick up your
award at the bus station - along with your ticket out of town.
Goodbye and good luck.

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