Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A thought about that 08 draft

I saw a picture of Jake Long earlier today. He had that arm brace on and I pondered it for a moment. He played through a tough injury this season.

Then as I thought a little more about it a little more, I thought about the "life expectancy" of an offensive tackle. 10 years is fairly typical. A few of the best have extended 14 years. So we've seen maybe 30% of his career - and if we're lucky only 20%.

And he's been terrific of course. But. It occurs to me that he's not been protecting much, so I would argue that selecting him instead of an impact player such as Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco really hasn't amounted to much.

In other words, the decision to select a guy to protect the position that's still "vacant" has turned out to be kind of a waste.

Hey just an observation.
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True, But its easy to make that statement 2-3 yrs later. Matt ryan or Joe Flacco could have turned out to be the Next Ryan Leaf as well. With the #1 pick Parcells went with the Sure thing. I just can't argue with that. Especially after our track record of 1st round picks.


You're right, of course. It just strikes me that this organization keeps trying to make the "safe pick" and never considers the future or really tries to make a statement or a reach.

yeah, they had a lot of needs in 08, and the pick was and is solid. Its just a shame that he has no one to protect.


Please guys, no more shoulda-woulda-coulda. We should have picked Ryan, we picked Long instead. Let's hope Ireland finds 3 to 4 good starters this draft (and maybe the football gods will smile down upon us and we stumble upon a franchise QB.)


and that's the general problem: we never even tried to get a franchise QB....