Thursday, January 06, 2011

This is rubbing me wrong

Tony Sparano may seem like a bit of a pariah right now. But I have met him and I think he's a decent guy and overall seems like a good coach. He certainly understands the game. I may poke at him from time to time and I'm still on the fence about whether he should be retained as the coach of my team.

But what's happening to him really isn't fair. Yes he's highly paid and this in some ways comes with the job. But to leave him dangling? Come on!

Now we turn to Jim Harbaugh. Maybe he's the next great thing. Maybe he returns this team to greatness. And maybe not. No one knows. But for him to listen to overtures from the dolphins doesn't feel right. It feels wanker-ish. He's essentially interviewing to take someones job.

No as for the owner, well this is the second off-season in a row where there's been behavior that silly. Last year it was JT and Parcells. Now it's this. Mr Ross was the owner in both cases. I have to wonder.

Plus there's this "pesky" Rooney rule that has to be met. Ross has to interview a minority candidate before he can make a hire. Has he done that? Will he?

We are the talk of the NFL and a bit of a laughing stock. Why can't it be about whether we will win in the divisional round next weekend??!!

And one more thing. With Harbaugh - a Michigan guy - and Ross - also a Michigan guy - coupled with the delay to free agency and possibly the draft .... Could that mean that Chad Henne - from michigan! - will (gulp!) be given another shot ?

Gawd I hope not!!!
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Yea dave. Sparano is a class act, and it sucks that we are leaving him hanging. If the Harbaugh deal falls thru, and he Sparano does come back as HC, he'll always remember that that he was "sloppy seconds"