Saturday, January 22, 2011

This and that

Dolphins CEO Mike Dee went on record yesterday as saying that "nobody has given up on Chad Henne."  Riiiight.  Can't wait to see him take the field next season and make some terrible throws en route to a 1-3 start!

Heath Evans (one time Dolphin, and former Patriot) went on record as saying the Daboll hire makes the Dolphins worse - he's not the brains of the operation was the quote he used when talking about his stint in New England.  Gotta love it when players (on their own) go out of their way to say something not-too-nice about another team's coach.

Jeff Ireland was signed to a "multi-year contract extension" which means that Ross has some faith in this guy, regardless of what he thinks about Sparano. I think its safe to say that Sparano and Ireland probably aren't hanging out lately outside of work.
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