Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A suggestion

The dolphins are stuck in neutral. The fans are showing apathy. There's a labor issue which will result in a work stoppage.

The fins are in need of "an exorcism" or some other sort of karma changing event.

And after throwing some ideas around, the staff here at Dave's came up with an idea for Stephen Ross.

Sometime over the next few months, hold an event at the stadium:
• make it free (or a couple of bucks to go to charity if you need to control the crowd)
• invite as many alumni players to come out as you can
• leave the celebrity owners at home
• let everyone on the field to mingle without it feeling forced
• don't do it on conjunction with another event - such as the draft
• give something to the fans who come out and have a few freebie raffles for tickets merchandise and the like
• make an announcement that you are really and truly embracing the history of the team
• introduce a revised uniform
• and tell us that the name of Joe Robbie will appear on the stadium. Perhaps [sponsor name] Joe Robbie stadium
• have a few alumni say a few words to the crowd about returning to glory

That should -we think- finally put us back on the right track and allow us to feel connected and not like this is a corporation that really doesn't care.
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I absolutely agree about the putting Joe Robbie's name back on the stadium *he* built. Now that would impress me...