Thursday, January 06, 2011

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K

Did you ever see "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure?"

Bill and Ted meet up with Rufus who takes them to the past, so they can help the future.  They're a couple of dopey teenagers, and as they are sitting and sipping their drinks, Rufus appears in a phone booth.  And the immortal line is uttered as their lives begin to change.

[add oddly, that's the second time I've reference a Keanu Reeves movie this week]

The line also applies to the head coaching situation here in Miami.

Rumor now has it (and its backed by some fact checking) that Stephen Ross has a man crush on Jim Harbaugh.  They had talked earlier, and Harbaugh listened "as a courtesy," at least as we hear it.  Then, yesterday, the 49ers made a pitch to woo him, but it was for less than he *supposedly* wanted.  

Enter Ross, whose plane did fly from NJ to Northern California last night.  He's expected to make money no object in order to land Harbaugh.

It also appears that all other coaches are currently out of the picture.

So it will be Harbaugh, for probably too much money for a new head coach, or Sparano, who has been told clearly that he's not wanted.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if Harbaugh rebuffed Ross, and then Sparano simply quit, just because.  And the Dolphins were head-coachless.

Or even better, if Sparano stayed, and then lost the respect of all the players because they all have to be aware of the situation.  He's not wanted, so why play hard?

Sheesh.  Why is this so ridiculously difficult?
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Sparano won't stay. He is not a push-over. He is a no nonsense guy. He deserves more respect but that went out the door when Wayne H sold the team to Ross and JLo.


I agree - the lack of respect is startling. And Tony does deserve more.

And sas fans, so do we.