Thursday, January 06, 2011


I drove by the dolphins facility. Lots of reporters. And I actually had a sparano sighting *just* as I heard it reported on the radio that harbaugh took the offer.

He walked toward the reporters chomping on gum and said nothing.

I heard an interesting rumor that Ross is working a deal to get sparano another job, possibly in Michigan.

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The poor guy is getting raked over the coals. Can this please stop!!!! It is embarrassing to this franchise!!!!!!!!!!


I personally like Tony Sparano as a coach i hope he shows all of the people that he has what it takes to make it. He really deserved better than this!!!!!!!!!!


EDIT: he said to the reporters "get a hobby"


Oh Please, he didn't get the job done. What does he want a Hallmark Card saying were are sorry ? If the fans wanted him here then show up at the games and fill the stadium...

Feel sorry for people losing there homes, not Tony Sparano.