Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday playoffs

So the Falcons get eliminated.  Too bad.  Still, comparing that team to the Fins (since they were in similar condition 3 off-seasons ago), I'd take where they are any day.  The have a stable coach, a stable QB, and generally a good team.  Plus a ton of wins this year.  One bad game - even in the playoffs - does not a bad team make.

And I'd like to remind everyone that in 2005, the Dolphins held the second overall pick.  Nick was at the helm. Clearly, Miami needed QB help and most draft-nicks pegged them to take Aaron Rodgers.....they took Ronnie Brown.  He's been very good, but never great, and the QB position was left open (again).  And it looks like Brown may be headed out the door.  Rodgers is having a career year...

Meanwhile in the AFC, I'd like to point out that my three least-favorite teams in football are (in order): Patriots, Jets, Steelers.  And one of them will be in the SuperBowl.  That sucks.  Baltimore had too many turnovers to overcome, and the Steelers are in the hunt for their 7th title.  Yikes.

Good thing we beat them this year. Oh that's right, we didn't due to a stupid call by a ref.
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