Sunday, January 09, 2011

Playoff games

Dang Jets.  They were able to run a lot on the Colts, and the Colts couldn't quite overcome their offensive deficiencies - with all the injuries.  So, Rex gets his "personal goal" of beating Manning.  Isn't it interesting how Rex can motivate his team to play above themselves?  Are you taking notes Bootin' Bull (Sparano)?  (Probably not, because you were busy making apologies yesterday).

And the *only* reason the Colts were in that game was....QB play.  Manning was pretty much carrying the team himself.  See?  Its important to have a good QB!

As for the Seahawks - Saints, here you had the matchup of the guy who *should have* been Miami's QB (Brees) against the guy who could have been Miami's QB (in Hasslebeck, had it not been for a bungled phone call from Rick Spielman).  It was quite the show that the Seahawks - a 7-9 team that I am rooting for to win it all just because - put on in taking it to the defending champs. 

And again QB play was a big reason the Seahawks won, and the Saints were in it at the end.

Taking notes, Dolphins?  The Seahawks were a mess last year, and didn't play well all year.  But they put it together WHEN IT COUNTED, like say, the end of the season - rather than dumping 3 straight, they were winning at the end.

So both of last year's super-y bowl teams were eliminated on the first day...
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It has become painfully obvious that to win in today's NFL you have to have, at least, an above average QB. Mediocre to poor play (i.e., Henne) just won't cut it. Although Sanchez was erratic, he made the deep throw when he had too.

Damn - I hate the Jets.