Friday, January 14, 2011

Player evalutation

I heard Terrell Suggs being interviewed the other day.  He was talking about a range of subjects, but was asked what he'd say to his detractors - who said he was too slow or too small to make it.  He gave a thoughtful answer that he never had to run a 40 yard dash in a game, nor a shuttle run. And he just believes he can catch anyone.  And as for size, he never let that bother him, he just plays the game as hard as he can.

And that got me to thinking about all this nonsense that goes on, especially the combine.  All of these players are measured and evaluated, and everyone falls in love with the numbers.  

I think that carries over to personnel departments as well.  And what many of them forget is whether they can play the game of football.  

I once heard Bobby Beatherd speak.  He was explaining that he rarely looked at the numbers.  He watched game film.  He would go and see the prospects he liked in person -  because he would start evaluating underclassmen to be prepared for the next year.  (or to the best of my recollection, that was the story)

It was smart, practical, and the results he got were outstanding.

Now its about 40 times, number of reps in the weight room, height, and these personal evaluations (like the wunderlic test).  As I look at the Dolphins drafts, yes they looked for captains and guys who graduated.  But I have to believe they fell in love with numbers.

That has to stop to have success.
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I think it's a good way to build a SOLID foundation. That has to be the first thing and they have done that these last few years now it's time to add a few pieces here and there and the team will be complete. Ready to compete for the playoffs...the AFC East is a tough division for anybody to compete in.