Thursday, January 20, 2011

An open letter to the owners and players

To the 31 owners of the NFL, the managing partner of the Packers, and the NFLPA,

I am a fan who loves the Dolphins.  So much so that I write a regular blog, and host a podcast each week during the season.  While I'm not the guy with the face paint sitting in row 1, I am similarly passionate about my team - and really the NFL on the whole.

I enjoy watching the game, understanding the strategy, and some of the dynamics that happen around the team.

Ticket prices go up every year.  There are more fees than ever (such as NFL Sunday ticket).  Merchandise is expensive.  And yet, I keep coming back because you produce a product I like.

And now we're at a crossroads.  You can't agree on a contract because, well, because of greed.  And that's just sad.  Everyone wants a bigger slice of the action.  I see both sides of the argument, but come on!  The median income in the US is well under $50k.  By your standards, that's not much.  And certainly you are more apt to want fans on the higher end of the income.  You're haggling over millions - numbers the average fan can't fully grasp -  all the while preparing to alienate those fans.

You're "king sport" right now, but you stand to lose that.  A lockout helps no one.  A forced agreement that pushes this out for another year delays the inevitable.  A strike benefits no one.  Litigation will take a long time, and is unlikely to end this.

You're only choice is to "butch up" and hammer out an agreement.  Don't cook the goose that lays the golden egg.  You'll surely lose more in the long run than you'll gain in the short run.

Get over your egos and keep the sport I love alive.

Bitchin' Dave

Fans, you, too can sign the petition to voice your opinion and help the owners decide to get a deal done!
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Nicely done...and I signed the petition...


Ok, I just signed. Also, i notified Directv not to renew my Sunday Ticket. Had it since 94, started with analog dish, 99 bucks that year and for paying early I got it for 79 bucks following year. 300 bucks now, if only my wages increased like that. I urge everyone else to do the same. Maybe if enough people cancel that would send a message.