Sunday, January 09, 2011

One little thing that still bugs me

Stephen Ross has $4mil invested in Parcells (well $8mil if you count this year as well). He was willing to throw in the neighborhood of $8mil next year to Harbaugh, and eat the $2mil that Sparano is owed if he released him.

And yet he's asking taxpayers to cover his proposed stadium improvements because he doesn't get direct benefit from it - the community does.

How laughable is that? He thinks nothing of spending essentially $18mil on coaches/executives but won't foot the bill on stadium improvements that will ALWAYS directly benefit him.

That irks me. And while its "bed tax dollars" it nevertheless is money that could be spent of much better things - schools, infrastructure, to name two - rather than a handout to a billionaire.
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I don't believe that bed tax can be used for schools but that is besides the point. The Dolphins have not received public funds for the stadium yet there have been something like 9 Super Bowls brought to the area because of the facilities. The Dolphins are more deserving of the money than the Marlins, Panthers or Heat ~just sayin


You're right - it can't be used for schools. But if they want legislation to use money cross-county, then it is certainly *possible* I would think.

I see your point, I just wish they wouldn't always cry poor. Billionaires. Sheesh. :)