Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Odd, indeed

Stephen Ross made such a big show out of his "mistake" last week.  And then indicated the team would be more explosive on offense.

We heard the names being batted around, and heard about comings-and-goings in Davie.  And, finally, the signing of Daboll was met more with a yawn than anything. 

There have been confirmations that he has accepted the job.  And yet, not a word has come from Davie or Cap'n Firepants (Ross).

Wouldn't you think that after that silliness last week, they'd have a press conference to tell us?  Or issue a statement?  Sheesh.  Things are going to continue on the same path over there.  Everything is a big, big secret!

You'd think he might have learned something about how feverish the fans are and how closely the press follows them.

I'm tellin' ya, my thoughts about some charisma from the coach or the organization would be HUGE.  Sure fans are talking about Daboll, but not in a "wow this a great hire and I'm stoked" kind of way.  Its more "are we any better??!!"

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