Sunday, January 16, 2011

More playoffs

The NFC game on Sunday was a blowout, and that makes 3/4 NFC playoff games that were pretty ridiculous games from a fan standpoint.  When there's no competitive balance, its not worth watching.

Now in the AFC, that Jets-Patriots game was somethin'.  I really don't like either team, but a buddy of mine who's a HUGE Jets fan brought me around this week to this: the Pats have won a lot of games these last 10 years, and have all the hype - so why not root against them this weekend?

So I did.  And as I sat there and watched it, I was beguiled in a way.  Here was the loud-mouthed fat man getting excited about the play on the field and challenging his team to win.  And there was the pretty boy with girlie hair (that you couldn't see beneath that stupid stocking cap) and the better-than-everyone-else-just-ask-me coach.  It was fun to see them go down in flames.

Having beat the Jets once, and giving away the other game, I came to realize that there is - and yet there isn't - a lot of disparity between either team and the Dolphins. Sure, the Pats had their number twice this year, but sometimes that's football.

And near the end of the game, it hit me like a ton of bricks: I had wanted to see the Seahawks win it all.  And when they lost, I was left without a team to root I should root for....gulp....brace yourself....the Jets???!!!

Now why would any Dolphins fan do such a thing?  I have a rational explanation.  While the Dolphins were out there dickering with their roster, and doing foolish and sometimes stupid things and Sparano would give a song and a dance about how to motivate his team, Ryan was being unabashed and brash.  He told everyone he was going to win it all - and played fantasy football, signing anyone he thought would make his team better. 

We all thought it would blow up in his face.  But it didn't.  Maybe its partly because he has the right attitude, maybe its because he has the *right* mix of players.  Who knows?

Realistically, as I look back, the Dolphins should have been trying to beat them at that game.  But no.  Bill Parcells had everyone keep quiet and decided to do it "his way" and build a 1950s-era team that could smash you in the mouth.  No hype.  All blah.

Ryan is backing up his words and his attitude with the players on the field.  And as much as it pains me to say it, I respect him for it.  And of course, a Dolphins fan, I'm jealous!

So Dolphins peeps - Stevie, Jeffy, Tony, even you Billy - I'm calling you out because you DIDN'T do anything to make this team better, give them attitude or swagger, and make believers out of us.  And yet the Jets did.

I want the Jets to win it all, if for no other reason than to make the Dolphins look even MORE foolish because Cap'n Izzy should have gotten a guy with charisma to coach this team, rather than inviting celebrities in to be owners.  That would beat the hell out of seeing some of these guys at games yukking it up when the team was losing!

The Fins deserve to have a lot of egg on their face.  It came to a head a week or so ago, and will continue to be a problem for a while. And I can only laugh.  BAWAHAHAHAHA
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Dave - As much as I've come to enjoy your "Bitchin' Look" blog, and respect the next man's opinion...sorry, I can and will *never* root for the Jets. The thought of it just makes me violently ill...

On that note, Go Dolphins (or at least for next weekend - Go Steelers.)


Fair enough. I felt the same until this weekend. Something just snapped in me - I'm so frustrated with the Dolphins that I felt like it was time to let go of some of my animosity toward the other teams in the division.

Now as for their *fans*, I still feel the same way. LOL


Keep up the good work Bitchin' Dave, keep it up!