Wednesday, January 05, 2011

a microcosm of the fans view

Mr. Ross comes to the team facility, and meets with Mike Dee, then
apparently talks with Jeff Ireland, and spends some time sitting with

That was on Monday. Ross doesn't say a word. Sparano declines to
comment, other than to say something like "you'll know soon enough."

And that fuels speculation. Will he stay or go? Will his coaching
staff be retained? Is Ross courting another coach?

Who the heck knows?

And isn't that the way its been around here since Parcells took over? Everything is secret. Everything is a surprise.

We just don't know jack. And I suppose that's fine, but I think we
need *something* after two straight of 7-9. We deserve more. The
team went 1-7 at home, and I hear fans grumbling that they don't want
to renew tickets. But maybe there's a ray of hope out there. Or not.

Wouldn't it be nice if Ross just came out and said something like "I
have talked with Ireland and Sparano and it was productive. I'm not
prepared to comment on anything at this time, but I want to be sure
that you, the loyal fans of this team, know that I want what's best
for this team. I want us to win on the field."

That certainly would make me feel a little better.

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