Sunday, January 23, 2011

Les SuperBowl

Okay, okay, my desire to see the Jets win it all - in order to further humiliate the Dolphins - didn't come true.  And, well, take that Jets fans!  And the loudmouth looks stupid for his assertion that they are the "future champs" of course JT comes up empty.  Let me just say "HA HA!"

As I stated in a post a few weeks ago (before I started rooting for them), the football gods don't like boastful, and the Jets would pay at some point in the playoffs.  They did.  Hubris is important.

And now the Steelers move on.  Crap.  I hate the Steelers.  As I've noted before, the Steelers are what the Dolphins should have been.  Heck they even have the coach Miami should have had.  They're trying for their 7th SuperBowl victory, which is just insane.  How can any team win that many?  Ay caramba.

And, well, the Steelers certainly may face the same wrath of the football gods.  A QB who was suspended for 6 weeks for his stupidity is poised to win it all.  The LB (Harrison) who was fined more than any other player for helmet-to-helmet hits and whined about that, and "considered retirement" is in position to win again.  Yeah, I'll go with the football gods here.  No way Pittsburgh wins.

Now in the NFC, the Packers rolled through the playoffs, and look darn good.  They have the QB that should have been playing in Miami, and match up well with the Steelers.  Heck, I actually like the Packers, so its good by me if they win it all.

Ya gotta figure the bigwigs in the NFL were cringing when these two small-market teams both made the big game.  

Ah well, that's the NFL for you.  That's what they get as we head into a very uncertain off-season.
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