Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The Dolphins efforts to try and use cross-county funds to pay for stadium improvements hit a major snag this week. Broward county (wherein Ft Lauderdale resides) was targeted for the money since they get an economic benefit from the SuperBowl.

But Broward's commissioners saw right through the plan and are seeking their own legislation to specifically prohibit sports teams from doing this.  And the commissioners were vocal, one saying "No.  Hell, no" and another saying "they should focus on winning more than one game at home, rather than how to ask taxpayers to pay for improvements."

Also opposed are the owners of the Bank Atlantic Center (where the Panthers hockey team plays).  They saw it not as an issue of bringing future SuperBowls, but rather of Ross trying to compete with them as a venue for entertainment such as concerts, by putting a roof on the stadium.

In any case, it would seem unlikely the state legislature would approve such a measure - but who knows?  Stranger things have happened.

The Dolphins issued a statement that they were disappointed because the commissioners poo-poo'd the idea before hearing all of its merits.

How about this Dolphins-ownership?  The commission put its thumb on its nose and said "Fins Up!"
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