Monday, January 24, 2011

Just in case you're not "in" on the joke

I am not a drinker of that grape instant drink (you want me to call it by name, then please advertise here, thanks!),

Heck, this team is a disaster, and they have to earn my respect back.

The Dolphins, over the last several years, have managed to win a game here and there against quality opponents.  But they can't win consistently, and can't beat a team down the stretch.  They're not in the same class as pretty much any of the playoff teams in that regard.

But they should be.  So I remind those that are in charge that my expectations for you are to win some freakin' football games - or I will be having fun at your expense.

Ross has a stupid dating game he's playing.  He ultimately extends both of the other two stooges, and it looks like Henne and Pennington are likely to come back.  I find that exceptionally amusing.

In all reality, their win total will probably go *down* 7 games if things proceed this way.
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The Funny thing is some fans want coaches fired others are not sure and still others say we need continuity and can't keep firing management.....

For all you babies who are short sighted and can't seem to remember how bad this team was just 3 years ago. Let me request you look back and remember how you felt.

As of now I can honestly say they are a BETTER TEAM TODAY than 3 years ago. Not perfect but better and full of youth and a few talented people on both sides of the ball.

So why fire anybody? Why not keep in mind they have been rebuilding and we are in year 3 of that process. Did they do everything Perfect? No. But STILL I can say I am happy with the direction this team is going and I am looking forward to the off season moves and next season.

So quit whining....I am sick of you crybabies!!!!



Normally I am 100% on board with the same attitude you have. I rarely bad mouth our coaches in Miami and even with this staff, I think they are great people and that there is potential for greatness at some point.

However - the poor preparation during preseason year after year offensively has really left me numb. As an Offensive Coordinator myself (26 years) Ifind it sickening that we repeat the same weak plan and expect different results.

We throw routes consistently that have the receiver either running out of bounds at the catch or coming back to the QB play after play. We have no big plays because we emphasize routes that have no YAC potential. Our drafts have been questionable (other than Jake Long and V. Davis) and our offensive gamep lans have been "bad" far too often. We get out-coached, and as a fan I can't accept that notion.

There is a part of me that is glad Sparano got another chance to fix this mess, but if he falls back into the same ultra conservative nonsense it won't be enough this time to just punish the OC.

I'm rooting for him and the Fins. I love this organization... but enough is enough of this sick lack of production on offense.



I too am frustrated. But they did make some of the changes I feel are needed. The OC and QB Coaches are gone. (Thank God!)

I really want to see if Henne can be redeemed, can we be aggressive on BOTH sides of the Ball.

I would rather Miami play to win on both sides of the ball rather than rely on one side to win the game, by playing "NOT TO LOSE" on the offensive side of the ball. If you have low expectations and lack confidence in the Offense how will they ever improve?

Stop harassing Henne let him make mistakes, let him also take risk. Good things can happen if you just let him play and have fun.

Stop deferring the ball when we win the toss. Show some confidence in our offense.