Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm sure that won't cause any problems

The NFL is making a pitch that under the terms of the current contract they can - and will? - have a limited free-agent period running from Feb 7 - Mar 4 (after the superbowl, until the expiration of the contract).

I'll admit I am no legal scholar, but I have read the CBA, and the language they're citing seems kind of vague and open to interpretation.  I have to wonder whether players would go for this, if agents would go for this, or if legal action would ensue.

Hard to say, but I have to imagine a hastily crafted plan would have limited success.
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I have heard this before, but what I have read is that most teams will not sign FA's during that time period because those players would get a signing bonus. Which would mean they wouldn't have a financial reason to come to work this eason.


Good point. And I would add that with the definitions of "Restricted" and "Unrestricted" ill-defined at that point, it would be challenging to have a lot of player movement.

I suspect you'll only see some end-of-roster players changing teams during that time, if anyone does at all.